Military Relocations

You’ve been posted…

As a registered Brookfield IRP Realtor® and military spouse I understand the needs of military, RCMP, and government families during the relocation process. Allow my expertise and experience to guide you through this transition in a timely, enjoyable, and stress free way.



Posted INTO Ottawa?

Congratulations, you’ve been posted to the Nation’s Capital! Where to begin?

How It Works

During our initial conversation(s) I will assess all of your wants/needs and budget requirements. From there I will set you up with your own webpage portal site to the local MLS, where you can sift through homes matching your criteria and start to build a feel for properties in the area. A week prior to your HHT we will go through those homes and create a list of those you feel you would like to view during your trip. I will plan a viewing itinerary, book your showings accordingly, and pre-book your inspector of choice. All you have to do is find “the one”. I will prepare your offer, advise you, and negotiate in your best interest. Once a conditional sale is reached I will send all of the required documents to your lawyer and lender of choice, accompany you on all inspections required, and remain dedicated to ensuring all of your questions are answered until a firm sale is reached and closing day comes.

Outbound relocations

Outbound relocations

Posted OUT Of Ottawa?

Off on a new adventure! How to make the best of your investment in Ottawa.

I’m Here to Guide You

I will assess your home’s value based on the current market and construct a plan to maximize your profit based on your neighbourhood’s statistics and listing patterns. Military families receive only top notch service from me when it comes to listing. I offer the same range of services and am experienced in the Brookfield listing process to help you get moving faster. Unlike other Realtors® out there, I believe in a fair playing ground when it comes to cooperating commission offered - I reduce my commission on the listing side to offer more to the buying agents, thus creating equal opportunity for my clients. Your listing will shine just as bright as any other’s.